Bang Bang! (2014) 720p YIFY Movie

Bang Bang! (2014)

A young bank receptionist gets mixed up with Rajveer Nanda, a man who has a mysterious background.

IMDB: 5.51 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
  • Quality: 720p
  • Size: 1.29G
  • Resolution: 1280*800 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 153
  • IMDB Rating: 5.5/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 6 / 21

The Synopsis for Bang Bang! (2014) 720p

A chance encounter of the unassuming bank receptionist Harleen Sahni with the charming yet mysterious Rajveer Nanda, results in an on-rush of ditched planes, car chases, shoot-outs, bombing raids and general global mayhem. But as the transcontinental chase ensues with Rajveer convincing Harleen that he's the good guy, can she really trust him, and will trust matter when the bullets start flying?

The Director and Players for Bang Bang! (2014) 720p

[Director]Siddharth Anand
[Role:]Katrina Kaif
[Role:]Hrithik Roshan
[Role:]Danny Denzongpa
[Role:]Pavan Malhotra

The Reviews for Bang Bang! (2014) 720p

just go and watchReviewed byprekshaudpa24Vote: 10/10

Siddharth Anand has done a tremendous comeback with Bang Bang and Hrithik Roshan has nailed it. No one can match his aura when it comes to action. All in all, the flick belongs to him as he promises the 2 hrs 30 minutes of death-defying combative entertainment.He plays Rajveer, a charming yet mysterious man who lives on an edge and messes with the baddies all over. Not for his own fun but to safeguard a 'Kohinoor'. On his verge he meets Harleen Sahni (Katrina Kaif) an innocent bank receptionist, who is charmed by his good looks and his exquisite style of dealing with the hazardous situations. The more she meets him, the more she gets into the entire chaos and trouble, which Rajveer takes along with him. However, she is unaware about the causes of such mayhem. Is Rajveer trustworthy or is he just using Harleen for his own purpose? Watch out to find it, amidst massive car chases, open shoot-outs, and other breath-taking stunts. Siddharth Anand may not have had a good past in his direction prowess, but he will surely be remembered for Bang Bang. However, Bang Bang isn't a perfect flick since, logics here are mostly dumped into dustbin. We expected the story writer trio of Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair, Abbas Tyrewala would have learnt from the mistakes the original version suffered and they might not bring in here. Bang Bang occasionally suffers from its weak screenplay. It's sometimes hard to believe Harleen's closeness towards Rajveer who drugs her, breaks into her apartment, undresses her, shoots her boyfriend and is on a slaughter spree of innumerable people, which also includes government agents. Then again he drugs her, strips her off and takes her off to Similan Island in Thailand. And yes, the picturesque and glossy locations namely Shimla, Manali, Abu Dhabi and Prague and others change like a slide show and we tickle our heads questioning our conscious that how did that happen.But despite these blemishes, Siddharth Anand succeeds in painting it with the action feats, which were anticipated and expected to be rawTake that one where Hrithik Jetskis with a speed boat pulling along, or that one he is hooked to a sea plane, all of these and many others come over as a clip of exciting resumption of stunts. The F1 car sequences on the roads of Abu Dhabhi drives you crazy and gives you goosebumps.Hrithik pulls of every action sequence with finesse and with his moving expression he engages us. On the other hand, his gentle and at some time his rib-tickling attitude towards Katrina is phenomenal. Katrina as an innocent and troubled lady is great. Her fear and hesitation is amusingly wonderful. Danny Denzongpa as a bad man once is frightful. Jaaved Jaffrey too comes out impressive while taking on Hrithik. Pawan Malhotra as a government agent is good once again. Music by Vishal and Shekhar is already a chartbuster. The movie uses those songs on a right occasion and watching them on big screen is like a treat. Tu Meri and Mehrbaan are our pick. Bang Bang justifies the humongous buzz created in these days. Go for it as Hrithik and Katrina are in there to amuse you throughout.

100% Copied from Knight and Day .. Utterly Disappointed !!!Reviewed byrajatdb24Vote: 1/10

I watched it 1st day 1st show with some high expectations from this film however from the very first scene till the end it was nothing but a bad remake of Knight and Day.

Action, Dialogs, Drama, Theme everything (literally everything) was exactly copied.. there was nothing new in it.. no innovative ideas. I'm highly disappointed.

Overacting of Katrina Kaif is unbearable.

Verdict: Go watch Knight and Day. It is far better than this.

Please +1 this review so others can be warned about the same and do not make the same mistake as I did.

Lousy, cheesy remake. Felt like banging my head on my punching bag.Reviewed byFella_shibbyVote: 1/10

Terrible remake of Knight and Day. The acting of Katrina Kaif was terrible largely due to overacting. We hav seen much better Hollywood films involving action, car scenes, somersault and riveting chases, aqua-stunts. Bakwaas n unnecessary songs. The writing is so inane that it left me exasperated.

Back to back songs in the first half might put you to sleep.

The story, villain, villain's henchmen, villain's ADDA everything looked as if I was watching a cheesy 80's Bollywood revenge movie. Dancing, flaunting six packs even if it's not required is getting monotonous. Lousy editing by Akiv Ali. Worst adapted screenplay by Sujoy Ghosh n Suresh Nair. Badly directed by Siddharth anand.

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