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Retro Puppet Master (1999)

Retro Puppet Master is a video starring Greg Sestero, Brigitta Dau, and Stephen Blackehart. In the late nineteenth century, an Ancient Egyptian sorcerer discovers the art of transferring the souls of the dead into inanimate objects.

IMDB: 4.10 Likes

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The Synopsis for Retro Puppet Master (1999) 720p

It's 1892 and Sutekh is hopping mad. It seems a 3,000 year old Egyptian sorcerer has stolen one of the God's secrets of life - that of instilling the souls of the dying into inanimate things. Sutekh raises three mummified former high priests, led by the villainous "First Servant", and charges them with recovering both the Sorceror and his secret. There is no lack of victims for the 3 high-faluting, stylish villains as they pursue their prey to 19th century Paris, and the very young puppeteer, Andre Toulon. Toulon runs a puppet theatre in the heart of Paris, and meets the sorcerer (the mysterious Afzel) when he is found by the lovely Swiss Ambassador's daughter Ilsa, after being nearly killed. It is there and then that we find the seed of things to come, and the origin of the Puppetmaster series of tales.

The Director and Players for Retro Puppet Master (1999) 720p

[Director]David DeCoteau
[Role:]Greg Sestero
[Role:]Brigitta Dau
[Role:]Jack Donner
[Role:]Stephen Blackehart

The Reviews for Retro Puppet Master (1999) 720p

Retro Puppet MasterReviewed byskybrick736Vote: 7/10

The seventh film of the Puppet Master series, Retro, is chronologically first of them all. The story reverts back to when Andre Toulon was a young man performing puppet shows for a living. When a wizard from Egypt, who is being hunted by Sutekh's henchmen, stumbles across Toulon his life will change forever. The wizard and Toulon team up to battle the evil forces by bringing Toulon's puppets to life. The puppets themselves are a classical wooden style puppet not seen in any of the previous films but they bring back some of the stars like Blade, Pinhead and Drill Sergeant. One puppet I'm particular fond of Doctor Death is a new entry to the series. Retro provides a storyline that fits well being the prequel to everything. Although the acting is atrocious and didn't really spark my interest too much, I found it watchable because of how short and to the point the film was.

Weak entry, could've been betterReviewed bykannibalcorpsegrinderVote: 5/10

Telling a story as an old man, an aging puppet master reveals that he had a small collection of puppets in turn-of-the-century Paris who possessed the power to turn inanimate objects to life and is hunted by the servants of an Egyptian God, forcing him to use what he has to keep them safe.

This is a really decent entry in an already-cheesy series. One of it's better features in here is that cheese which is not quite as bad as the others, since it's a little more serious in tone but still can't escape the cheese. From the puppet performance at the beginning to the scene of the puppets giving him a tattoo to how they react in battle, it still can't avoid doling out the cheese. That also segues into one of the best parts of this one, just like all the other entries in the series which is the efficiency and realism of the puppet effects. These here match up to the high standards of the others, since the dolls move, interact and react to their surroundings with a great sense of realism. Each one is allowed to shine at least once, and they all leave an impression with distinct personalities that can't be ignored and provide some fun. This is most apparent in their resurrection sequence which maintains the same type of mystique and aura that had been previously utilized in the series which gives this a lot to like. The last part of the film that works is the exciting ending, which is where the film really kicks into high-gear as this is packed with non-stop action including the battle on the train, a few tense moments and a great sense of fun, it's a great way to end the film. These here are the film's main points. Even though it's decent, this one does have a few substantial flaws to it. The biggest one here is that it's so tame with its rating. That is incredibly limiting to a film, especially one where it's main appeal is in seeing homicidal puppets in action, so that the rating limitation means that they're handicapped in here and aren't really allowed into the story to do what they're here for. It stops the biggest feature here by forcing other ways to kill, which are done rather lamely by having the creatures merely touch someone or point in their direction, say a spell and then a wave of CGI overcomes the victim and they fall flat. It's a disgrace to see something like that in a film about killer puppets, and with their tools and special powers being the main attraction for these films, to neuter it by having the specific rating is a complete slap to the other entries in the series. The shortness of the film is also a problem, as it's barely over an hour and doesn't leave a lot of time for a whole lot, so this here has a very compacted feeling that can be distracting at times. It's also not helped out by the confusing nature of the story, which is here is completely hard to understand. From the cutting of the story at the end of the old man to the story of the helper which is set in earlier times but still older than the main story to the switch over to the main story, it's quite confusing and doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. All of these here are what really kills the film.

Rated PG-13: Violence and Language.

Very slow movie and never really goes on to the next stage.Reviewed byatinderVote: 3/10

This is the seventh movie in the series, however this was a prequel to 1991's Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge, Which was also prequel to the first movie.

Sutekh has given life to three of his oldest servants and who start killing people, just by saying die.

I found that really silly, how people are killed off in this movie, Servants say Die, then they just drop dead.

This was very slow, it's stay one stage,never seem go up., it's felt like one very long scene.

The acting was very wooden, the whole movie was very flat.

It's very weak on the gore and toys didn't even attack, until the near the end however we do find out, why the puppet start to Kill.

3 out of 10.

PS - Woo hoo, this will by 200th movie, that I haved reviewed in 2012! Won't be the last.

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