Zone Troopers (1985) 1080p YIFY Movie

Zone Troopers (1985) 1080p

In Italy, during World War II some American soldiers find an alien UFO.

IMDB: 5.40 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Adventure
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  • Language: German
  • Run Time: 86
  • IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 
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The Synopsis for Zone Troopers (1985) 1080p

In Italy during WW II, a patrol of American soldiers discover a space ship that has crash-landed in the woods, and they come across its alien crew. A nearby Nazi unit also finds out about the alien craft, and sends a patrol to capture it and the Americans.

The Director and Players for Zone Troopers (1985) 1080p

[Director]Danny Bilson
[Role:]Timothy Van Patten
[Role:]Art LaFleur
[Role:]Tim Thomerson

The Reviews for Zone Troopers (1985) 1080p

Does anyone understand what "tongue in cheek" means?Reviewed byJennel2Vote: 8/10

Why are some people reviewing Zone Troppers as if the makers had intended to make a serious sci-fi film? This movie was intended as a satire of both alien invasion flicks and cliched World War II movies. While not all the jokes worked, I found the movie throughly enjoyable, and so did several friends who watched it with me at a later date. Band's Empire Pictures did indeed make some real clunkers. But this is no clunker. This movie reunites most of the cast of the earlier Charles Band production "Trancers." That movie was also a satire, though Band's direction was so flat it was hard to tell. Danny Bilson, who directed Zone Troopers, seems to understand the spirit of fun much better. Some of the movie's best bits have been mentioned by other posters, but I would add the beginning sequence when the young Lieutenant rashly runs over the hill thinking reinforcements have arrived, and is machine gunned by the Germans. "Damn green kid," Thomerson (as the tough as nails NCO) mutters, in perfect deadpan echo of hundreds of B war movies of the late forties and early fifties. And did anyone catch the "Buy War Bonds" tag at the end of the credits? How about the fact that the first shot morphs from the cover of a comic book Mittens (Art Lefleur) is reading? That should have served as a hint of the filmmakers' intentions. This movie is a hoot, and was intended that way. I have never seen Bilson's follow up, the Wrong Guys--equally low rated by most posters. But based on Zone Troopers, I sensed he might have the talent to go a long way. However, it appears he was only able to find a career in TV.

Empire's Regular Crew With an Alien War StoryReviewed bygavin6942Vote: 6/10

In Italy, during World War II some American soldiers find an alien UFO.

We have the usual Empire crew here, with Charlie Band taking the lead. With him are Debra Dion, John Carl Buechler, Tim Thomerson and even Ted Nicoleau. The production was done in Italy with dozens of Italian crew members. Oh, Empire, you really knew how to make a good movie!

Directing this lost gem is Danny Bilson (who co-wrote it with his long-time writing partner Paul DeMeo), who Empire fans will know for "Trancers", others might know for "The Rocketeer", and those who do not know him may be more familiar with his daughter Rachel Bilson ("The O.C.").

Richard Band's score seems to blatantly rip off the "Imperial March" from "Star Wars", which seems all too appropriate (I mean, you know, Nazi soldiers were called storm troopers). Is it better than ripping off the theme from "Psycho" for "Re-Animator"? Maybe... maybe not.

A World War Two flick with aliens...why didn't I think of that?Reviewed byScott_MercerVote: 7/10

Or why didn't someone with a larger film budget? Because this whole movie is a lot of fun. I just wish the special effects had been a little better. I'm sure that crashed spaceship mockup did cost them a pretty penny though.

The cheesiness of the low budget, reflected in the alien costumes and minimal military paraphenelia is about the only bad thing I found in this genre effort. Badmouthing this film is like kicking a friendly puppy. The writing was great, the acting was much better than it had any right to be, and even the directing was absolutely appropriate.

Yes, it is not realistic in the slightest. Yes, it is a version of World War 2 based not on the actual war, but based on other cheap movies about the War. And then it throws crash-landed aliens into the mix. But that just makes it so much more fun.

There's a standard low budget WW2 movie setup: ragtag group of GIs is caught behind German lines and has to fight their way out. Luckily, this is in Italy so the Germans are a little ways out on the end of their supply lines as well. We get all the standard war movie clichés: the gruff Sarge who can't die (Tim Thomerson), the comic relief kid from Brooklyn with his pulp magazines, the green Lieutenant just out of training school, the grizzled Corporal who's been through hell and high water with The Sarge (the Tom Sizemore role, here Art LaFleur) and the hard-bitten, cynical reporter/photographer who tags along.

Into this "haven't we seen this before a FEW times" setup comes strange goings-on in the form of a crash landed alien spaceship. And that, kids, is where things get interesting and fun. Things just get more ridiculous from there, with a blown-up spaceship, magical alien gizmos that make Rita Hayworth appear, and even a cameo appearance from Der Furher himself, just so one of the heroes can punch him right in the face. That's entertainment.

Do check out Zone Troopers, but make sure your tongue is planted firmly in cheek, as they say.

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